Sunday, February 26, 2017

New psychedelic drug is behind six drug overdoses in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

CBC is reporting that police say a new psychedelic drug is behind six drug overdoses in Prince Albert, Sask., on Feb. 20. A Prince Albert man is charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm, trafficking 2C-B and possessing the proceeds of crime.

Tax paid drinking lounges

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to safe injection sites is that no one in their right mind would give alcohol to an alcoholic. That would not be in their best interest nor would it be socially responsible. Guess what. That is exactly what our tax dollars are now doing. How in the f*ck is that going to help the opioid crisis? It's not. It is going to promote alcoholism just like they are promoting every other addiction under the sun to satisfy the demands of their campaign contributors. The Portland Hotel Society can rot in Hell.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Surrey woman assaulted by Hells Angels Associate

Recently I met with a 26 year old woman who had been assaulted by a 52 year old Hells Angels associate in Surrey. I saw the police report, pictures of the bruises and spoke with a witness. The police report stated that the police found Hells Angels paraphernalia in the guy's home when they arrested him. His brother is a full patch member of the Hells Angels and he regularly uses the name of the club when he does business.

Now I'm not going to name names at this point but if that piece of garbage touches her again I most certainly will. I will name him, his brother and the chapter they are connected to. Just so the club knows who I am referring to, the guy is a petty thief from Newfoundland and has a criminal record including armed robbery back in Ontario. Tell me his brother isn't another a left over from the Ontario Nomads. That would explain everything.

I dont want the club to pull a Larry Mizen and kill the guy just because he got some bad press. Lenny was fully aware of what Larry was doing in the name of the club and he sanctioned it. I'm not sure the local executive is aware of what this Newfie is really up to. Don't pull a Lennoxville Massacre either just because the guy is using too much of the product. Just be aware that this guy is bad news. He's not badass like George Christie. He's little league like the bad news bears.

In memory of this young girl's dead Irish father, I will keep an eye on her to make sure she is safe just like I would for my own daughter. Step back toy soldiers, Finain is a now a Godfather.

I gave her a copy of Kerri Krysko's book Kerri On and she can't put it down. She's half way through Kerri's second book already and can totally relate to Kerri's story. When I first saw the wedding picture on the cover of Kerri's book I was saddened by the lost look in her eyes. I didn't realize that she used makeup and photoshop to cover up her black eye he gave her the night before they were married. No wonder she had a lost look in her eye.

In Kerri's second book Kerried Away, she has a wedding picture without the photoshop where you can clearly see the black eye she was hiding. Kerri's first two books Kerri On and Kerried Away are still available in hard copy at Chapters and in electronic format on Google Play.

Kerri's first book concludes "even though I was with a Hells Angel, it doesn't mean they are all like that, or even every police officer is righteous and perfect. Evil and meanness comes in all forms from a parent to a preacher, only we as people will change this world, with acts of kindness and goodness. We are all humans, we all bleed, we all hurt and we all suffer our own personal demons, we all have a heart so we need to use that heart to spread the love and save a soul one day at a time." Like I said, Kerri Krysko is a bright light in a dark world. Peace.

Tribal and Syndicate drug bust in Fort McMurray

My McMurray is reporting that Members of the Tribal and Syndicate outlaw motorcycle groups have been arrested in Fort McMurray following a drug trafficking investigation. Darren Paulson, a 49-year-old Tribal member and Thomas George, a 28-year-old Red Deer Syndicate member are both facing multiple charges related to trafficking. Police seized a trace amount of cocaine, magic mushrooms and a loaded handgun with the serial number filed off.

As we previously reported, Rick Levesque, the not so bright left over from the Ontario Nomads is in charge of the Syndicate in Fort McMurray. The bust is significant because it shows that the Alberta Gang Task force is keeping he pressure on as is the Ontario Biker Enforement Unit unlike Christy Clark's reorganized gang promotion unit in BC.

Hells Angel associate pleads guilty in West Kelowna fentanyl bust

Global is reporting that a former Hells Angel associate has pleaded guilty in connection with a large-scale fentanyl bust in West Kelowna last March. Leslie John McCulloch, one of two people charged in connection with the bust, pleaded guilty to possession for the purpose of trafficking and production of a controlled substance, an analogue of fentanyl. McCulloch’s girlfriend, 26-year-old Rebekka Rae White, is also charged with the same two offenses. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for May. These two are tied to Quentin James.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Johnny K-9 is dead

Tragically, the National Post is reporting that Natural causes succeed where mob hit men and gangsters failed - Johnny K-9 is dead. The Hamilton Spectator is reporting that a autopsy will be performed to confirm whether or not he did in fact die of natural causes. His wife said he had an ongoing respiratory ailment and told her he was dying. A salute to the soldier. We liked him.

Hells Angel Drug Bust in Belleville, Ontario

Quinte News is reporting that "Several people from Belleville, Ontario have been charged with trafficking cocaine, including a man said to be associated with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, after a drug raid in the city’s east end. Thirty-six-year-old Blair Crawford, 46-year-old Kevin Cox and 19-year-old Meaghan Cox were charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime. According to police, Crawford is associated with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club."

November 30th 2016 a member and associate of a Hells Angels puppet club called the Iron Dragon’s Motorcycle Club were arrested in Belleville, Ontario and charged with posession of cocaine for the purpose of traficking.

I guess that's because Ontario still has a Biker Enforcement Unit. Christy Clark did away with ours after they were so successful in the Kelowna Summer Jam. Here in BC, every time a police task force found organized crime, a government body disbanded that police task force. .

Update: The Intelligencer is reporting that this bust has expanded to include the arrst of a Hells Angel member. "Over the course of the probe, OPP say investigators seized 11,500 pills containing fentanyl, eight kilograms of cocaine and 7.5 kilograms of ecstasy, among other drugs and drug equipment." Hells Angels trafficking fentanyl. No wonder Christy Clark cut back the Gang Task force and the OMGU. So they can continue to promote the fentanyl fraud.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Low Barrier Shelters are Nothing to be Happy About

Someone wrote into the Vancouver Province and said low barrier shelters and nothing to be happy about. "The media reports the opening of the new low-barrier shelter in Guildford like it’s a wonderful resort for which we should all be proud. 'Low barrier' means they can do drugs, bring and store stolen property, and even sell it without interference — even sell drugs. It really means there are no rules." They are absolutely right.

A low barrier homeless shelter means it is a tax funded drug house like the Lookout and the Front Room. I'm all for a homeless shelter in Guildford but anyone who approved a low barrier shelter in Guildford should go to jail. This is how corrupt politicians use tax dollars to promote the drug trade. People need homes not drugs.

When Doug McCallum was mayor of Surrey he evicted crack houses onto the street. I saw it. When Dianne Watts and Surrey First were elected they did the exact opposite. Now the Surrey's Worst legacy is building crack houses with tax dollars. I'll see you in hell.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Women's rights in the DTES

Lately we've seen Women's rights being pimped out for political purposes. Reflecting on the extremes, I'm forced to ask about Women's rights in the DTES. Several years ago I made a post stating that East Van doesn't look after it's own. I was addressing the misconception that the homeless are safe in East Vancouver because everyone claims East Van takes care of their own.

Times have changed. East Vancouver is the epicentre of exploitation. Harm reduction without the other three pillars (Enforcement, Treatment & Prevention) has simply poured gasoline on the forest file of violence. The elderly and weak are regularly robbed and assaulted in the DTES. East Van doesn't take care of it's own, they eat their own. The spike in predatory violence is fueled by the drug trade we are enabling and promoting with tax dollars.

Sadly, it's not just the elderly that are being targeted. The number of sexual assaults against women in the DTES has skyrocketed. At least we gave them a clean needle and a clean crack pipe before the sexually assaulted a woman in the DTES. Can we not see the irony and the criminal culpability of our socially irresponsible conduct?

Last year I made post about Women suffering in the DTES. It was a result of my observations helping a group of volunteers hand out clothes at Pigeon corner in the DTES. Last year we had a few female leaders with us. They were told by other women living in the DTES that they were not comfortable on Pigeon corner because they get sexually assaulted there by other addicts.

Last Saturday we were there again and heard more horror stories of women being raped and exploited in the DTES. The first thought that came to mind was the hypocrisy of the woman's marches that are motivated by political purposes when we see complete exploitation of women in the DTES and no one is saying a word about it because the perpetrators of the violence are the ones we are enabling in the drug trade.

What we are doing in the DTES is wrong. History has recorded that.

The violence against women in the DTES became completely out of control when Mayor Gregor Robertson closed the police station in the DTES to public access. Years ago I spoke with a woman who lived in the DTES who spoke about how she constantly had to deal with aggressive male stalkers chasing her and harassing her. She told me she would run in front of the police station where they had a camera for safety. The creeps would leave her alone because they didn't want to be recorded on camera. Now that they closed the police station there to public access they have no place to hide. The DTES is not safe for women.

Overall, Canada is pretty good with regards to women's rights. Most places of employment have pay equity. A women and a man earn the same wage in the same job. Most places of employment, other than the RCMP, realize that sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. But how about a woman's right to be safe? That is where we are failing. As a result, Gregor Robertson has proven to be an enemy of women's rights in the real world.

Fatal shooting in Abbotsford

News 1130 is reporting that "One man is dead, and three more are under arrest after a shooting this morning in Abbotsford’s Townline Hill neighbourhood. Police say it happened in the 30500 block of Steelhead Court, near the intersection of Mt. Lehman Road and Blueridge Dr. Officers arrived at around 9:40 a.m. to find a man in his mid-20’s shot multiple times. He died at the scene."