Thursday, September 29, 2016

Vikings MC raided after member charged with murder

CBC is reporting that "An arrest and charge has been made in connection with the killing of Dale Porter, more than two years after the man's death. Al Potter, 53, was arrested yesterday in London, Ont., and was charged with second-degree murder. Porter, 39, was stabbed on his North River property in June of 2014. RCMP said he later succumbed in hospital to multiple stab wounds." Court documents filed after Dale Porter's death in June 2014 show the RCMP believe Al Potter and Daniel Leonard - both biker club associates - were suspected of murdering the North River man. CBC is also reporting that 10 men have been arrested following multiple raids in Newfoundland surrounding the Vikings MC and their clubhouse. The raids took place the day after Al Potter was charged in the murder of Dale Porter.

Evidently in Newfoundland they're allowed to take pictures inside the court.

All but two of the men arrested are members of the Vikings Motorcycle Club. A local doctor and the son of one of the club members are considered associates of the Vikings Motorcycle Club, which police said Thursday is affiliated with the Hells Angels. During the raids Police seized over 2 kilograms of cocaine and 27 grams of powder sold as Heroin that actually contained Fentanyl. Back in in February 2016 a member of the Vikings MC in Newfoundland was charged with charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Brave Enough

Hats off to Lindsey Stirling. She put on a great show in Vancouver. I was there. She's certainly no Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears trailer trash skank. She has a lot more class than that. Lindsey is a violin virtuoso. Her show was energetic, talented, tasteful and most of all inspiring.

Her new album Brave enough is referring to being brave enough to come back after she lost her best friend to cancer. The album starts off dark but step by step gets more posative as she processed the hurt and anger over the loss of her friend and became filled with gratitude for the time they spent together.

She talked about how she tried out for numerous talents shows including America's got talent and each time the door was closed in her face. They kept telling her she'd never make it. She'd never succeed. They said she sounded like rats being strangled. Yet she persevered. She is doing her own thing and it's good. She is proving them wrong and is a shining example of overcoming hateful critics. We all have trolls. They aren't worth the time. She has risen above them.

A shout out to the Federal Empire which is a new band that opened for her. The lead singer has long hair and plays an acoustic guitar. He's accompanied by a keyboardist and a guy on the electric guitar. I liked them. It's different and it's new. They are humble Americans with heart. The lead singer is like a young modern Ricky Nelson singing new beats. One of my pet peeves is all these Zoomers living in the past. I scan through the radio and all these local radio stations in Vancouver stuck playing old music from when we were kids. There's nothing wrong with playing an old classic once in a while but we've gotta move on and try something new. We've gotta grow. These guys fit the bill. Creating new positive music. Cheers.

I totally understand why Zoomers listen to old music though. It's because the new music sucks. Pop, disco, techno - it's all garbage. That's why there are so many local radio stations that play old music. However, it is worthwhile to embrace new music that is good.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hells Angels associate accidently shoots himself in the groin

This is a picture of Omar Chaouk with members of the Hells Angels at the funeral of his father, Macchour Chaouk, back in 2010. Omar was released on bail to attend his father's funeral. When he was released authorities said his safety could be a risk. They never imagined it would have been from himself. The New Zealand Herald is reporting that:

"The son of a murdered Melbourne crime boss pulled down his pants and started crying when he thought he might die after he shot himself in the groin. A bullet grazed Omar Chaouk's testicle after he reached into his pocket for a cigarette, accidentally shooting himself with a gun he had there, Daily Mail reports. Son of the late Macchour Chaouk, the 25-year-old pleaded guilty on Tuesday to being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm over the accidental shooting in 2015." Sounds like one of those cases where if he had half a brain he'd be dangerous.

Control the muzzle. Finger off the trigger. Don't put one in the chamber until you're ready to fire. Idiot. The Age in Australia is reporting that Omar plead guilty to three counts of theft and a single charge of armed robbery. He stole a Harley-Davidson and two other vehicles after taking them for a test drive. Defence counsel Grace Morgan said Chaouk's drug use was "out of control" at the time, as he was smoking ice daily and also using GHB. Ms Morgan asked judge Damian Murphy for her client to be assessed to determine whether his low IQ and mental-health problems contributed to his offending, which could show his moral culpability was reduced.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kelowna RCMP Under Investigation

Castanet is reporting that the Kelowna RCMP is under investigation. All we are being told is that it involves a series of allegations as opposed to a single allegation. Kelowna Superintendent Nick Romanchuk's sudden leave of absence has magically turned into a retirement.

Blaze's crystal meth charges magically disappear

This is rather odd. We were shocked and disgusted to hear rock throwing woman beating Donahugh Fredrick McWhirter gota publication ban on his trafficking crystal meth charges. Last we heard they were to set a date for a six week trial on May 2nd. Now all of a sudden the charges have disappeared. I dont want to call a rat a rat but I really see no other possible explanation as to why the trial has "ended" and a publication ban in effect. Obviously that publication ban is now over because the trial is over. The purpose of a publication ban is to ensure someone gets a fair trial. The only other reason is to protect the identity of a Confidential Informant.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Alberta seizes lawfully obtained guns again

Well this is scarey. Last friday we were told five members of rival outlaw motorcycle gangs operating in Fort McMurray had been arrested. Now we are told by the Alberta Gang task force that the investigation is in relation to an alleged conflict between the Fort McMurray chapters of the Warlocks and the Syndicate, a Hells Angels support club.

On September 21, 2016 four search warrants were executed and five members of the Warlocks were arrested. The search warrants were conducted on three vehicles and a Fort McMurray home, which is alleged to be the de facto Warlocks clubhouse. As result of the searches, investigators seized: Seven Warlocks vests; Warlocks club documents and paraphernalia; 15 rifles and shotguns; Glock handgun; Other prohibited weapons, including brass knuckles and bear spray.

All of the 16 firearms seized were lawfully possessed and there are no firearms charges being sought at this time. However, the firearms were seized in the interest of public safety and ALERT will be applying for their destruction. Five members of the Warlocks were arrested and charged with committing an indictable offence for a criminal organization, robbery, and possession of a prohibited weapon:

WTF?! Did you read what that actually said?! Five members of the Warlocks have been arrested for owning gungs lawfully obtained and properly stored in a gun safe. How the f*ck can they seize those guns and arrest them when they did nothing illegal. This is George Orwell scarey. I was talking with a couple of guys that give firearm courses a while ago. They said that often the police will wait until your firearm liscnce expires then right away go in and seize all your guns only to brag to the media that they got a bunch of illegal weapons off the street.

They seized patches when no drugs were found? I do think the Alberta Gang task force is doing a great job. This however, is one example of how a good idea can go bad when they cross the line and go too far. Remember when they started randomly seizing registered guns in Alberta during a flood? When the police break the law, it harms all of us.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Surrey Shooting

Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP are on scene at 152 St & 40 Ave with two people shot multiple times. Suspects fled in a vehicle. The Voice Online is reporting that "SURREY RCMP said on Sunday that they were called to a home in the 4200-block of 152nd Street after learning of an adult male and female suffering from gunshot injuries. The male and female are associated to the residence in which they were located."

Calgary Shooting - Update

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that there was a fatal shooting outside a Calgary nightclub 2:30 AM this morning. Tragically, the victim was Calgary Stampeders defensive back Mylan Hicks.

Update: The Canadian Press is reporting that Nelson Tony Lugela, who is 19, has been charged with second-degree murder. He is scheduled to appear in court Friday morning. Sounds like this senseless shooting was simply over a fight in a bar.

Lindsey Stirling performs in Vancouver September 28th

On a more posative note, I forgot to mention the Vancouver Province reported that Lindsey Stirling will be performing in Vancouver at the Orpheum on September 28th. This will be well worth seeing. I've posted links to some of her videos before. She is very talented and epitomizes using music in a posative way to inspire others for good. Her new album is called Brave Enough.

Shine a light through an open door.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Man found dead in Coquitlam identified

News 1130 is reporting that a man found dead in #Coquitlam yesterday identified as 39y/o Jason Leigh Zellmer from #SurreyBC. Jason tragically leaves behind a beautiful little daughter.